As of July 14, we reached our goal of raising $2,000 to press Racilia on vinyl! Clearly, this couldn't have happened without the support of our fans, friends and family so a thousand thanks. This has been a dream of ours as a band since we started and now it's finally happening. If you pledged any money, you should receive an email fairly soon about our timeline and whatnot for getting Racilia pressed and printed and shipped. In the meantime, we've got some thank-you videos to make and some posters to print off. We'll keep you posted! WOOHOO!!

Still want to help us out? Go buy the album HERE!



Today we get to finally release the official video for our "I Just Wanna Be a Star." We've been super pumped about sharing it ever since we wrapped up shooting. Plus, it's being premiered on USA Today, so that's pretty fantastic. Anywho, hope you enjoy it and that it reminds you to help out with our Racilia on Vinyl campaign on PledgeMusic.



May 20 is finally here! Racilia, our sophomore album, releases digitally today. We've worked hard on it and we're proud of the finished product. We couldn't have done it without the help and expertise of several people, but one guy in particular: Allan Douglas. Anywho, it's an exciting day and we hope you enjoy what we've made.

And remember to go and pre-order Racilia on vinyl and then get all your friends to do the same!



After a little demand for a vinyl release, we thought now was the perfect time to get that started since our new album, Racilia, comes out tomorrow. You can go HERE and pre-order Racilia on vinyl. Our goal of $2,000 is for the cost of making the 300 vinyl and then the shipping of those records to you. Anywho, please share with your friends and let's get this goal on the road.



Today we release the single "I Just Wanna Be a Star" off our new album, Racilia. We're excited for everyone to hear it! We actually shot a video for it last weekend and it should be debuting sometime in the next couple of weeks. If you follow us on Instagram then you probably saw some pics from the set. Also, Wondering Sound did a great write-up of the song, so go check it out here. Anywho, only a few more weeks till we release the new album, so buy this single in the meantime, ok? We'll donate all the sales to the tornado relief efforts of the American Red Cross, so there's that, too.



So, there are a couple of levels of news to cover, so let's just give you the new in bullet-form.

  • On 5/20, Racilia, our sophomore album, will be released. Go pre-order it now on iTunes!
  • The album will be released through Old Flame Records.
  • You can go to Impose Magazine and hear one of the songs, Us Against the World.
  • After much demand for our music in vinyl form, we plan to create a PledgeMusic campaign to raise money for a vinyl release of Racilia. We'll let you know when it's time to start donating.

We can't express enough how excited we are to a) work with Old Flame and b) finally release this album. We hope you all enjoy it, and we'll have more updates and cool things to share leading up to release day. Stay tuned!



We received a message on Facebook from a mom who was looking to get our first album on vinyl for her daughter. It was a bummer to let her down. She told us how her daughter was a big fan of ours and was a musician herself - spending all her babysitting money on instruments and music. She sent us a link to one of her songs and we were blown away. Not just her voice and playing, but also her songwriting ability.

So, we just had to cover it. It doesn't live up to the original, but we hope you enjoy and makes you stay up-to-date with more of Maddy's songs.

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